Ko Soo was "shocked" by 1st-time war flick experience
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Korean actors Shin Ha-kyun (left) and Ko Soo (right) at the press conference for war flick "Frontline" held in Seoul, South Korea on June 14, 2011. [Showbox]

Korean actor Ko Soo has said he was "shocked" at how difficult it is to shoot war movies.

He made the remark on Tuesday during a press conference held in Seoul for the upcoming action film titled "Frontline" as he spoke to reporters and fans about taking on a war movie for the first time during his 12-year acting career.

"I didn't think it was going to be like this...... I was shocked because I had a really hard time," Ko said. "I couldn't express what I was discomforted by or the inconveniences I felt though when I thought of people who actually experienced the war."

"It would be wrong for us actors to complain about the hardships we experience since we're the ones who decide to take on the roles in the movie," Ko added.
In "Frontline," which is based on the 30 months before the Korean War ended, Ko plays Kim Soo-hyuk, a lieutenant who slowly goes through changes as he experiences the war firsthand while stationed at the frontline of the 38th parallel.

Actor Shin Ha-kyun plays Kang Eun-pyo, a lieutenant of the Defense Security Command, who is sent to the site to investigate the situation when he is reunited with Kim, his long-time friend, who he thought died during the war.

Ko said does not have a favorite movie and did not refer to any to prepare for his role but had watched "Platoon" and "Lion Of The Desert" in the past, as well as studying on the war.

The Korean War, also known as the 6.25 War, took place for 32 months, broke out when the North Korean army crossed the 38th parallel of the Korean Peninsula on June 25, 1950. During the time the South Korean army was supported by the United Nations and the North was aided by China and Russia.

After China retreated in 1951, the 38th parallel was stabilized and war ended on July 27, 1953, resulting in over four million causalities on both sides, after compromises and negotiations were made between North Korea and the United Nations.

The film helmed by famed director Jang Hoon whose works include "Secret Reunion" and written by scenarist Park Sang-yeon, will open in local theaters on July 21.

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